A variety of bikes I worked on at EBC. The bike is a large canvas in theory, but the technical aspects of the individual pieces cannot be overlooked. It's a delicate balance to figure out how each individual touchpoint will work on its own, and also when the bike is viewed as a whole unit.
Firetail is friendly and fearsome, with dragons flying among the clouds in and out of the deep metallic red frame. Blue, red, black, white, and gold/yellow all represent different elements in ancient Chinese mythology and complement the strength and richness of these dragons. 
Sunshimmer is a new appreciation for rainy weather. Beautiful, glittery rainbows appear from behind clouds and lightning, and the sun always finds a way to peak through. The white frame is overlaid with transparent shimmer stars to really add some spark to this tiny silver lining of a bike. 
Graffiti Drip is a new take on street art. Bright, electric paint colors drip throughout the frame, with touchpoints like a custom bell, embossed paint drip saddle, and custom logotype on the chainguard.
Under The Sea is a deep dive into the world of color and creature under the ocean’s surface. The deep metallic blue contrasts with the bright animals floating around the bike’s frame.

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